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Arajark.am is an online Ad platfrom, which is available on any operating system. 
Arajark.am is a complete package of services, which includes transaction processing, appraisal, legal consulting, translation and planning.
Being unique in its kind, on Arajark.am you will find information about the buildings of any real estate, sale history, orientation of the apartment, contact information and full address. 
The website consists of two sections: ads with precise location on the map, which were checked and added by the website and ads added by the users. 
How do real estate ads appear in the checked section and show the location on the map?

  • The seller/landlord calls Arajark.am information center and arranges a visit
  •  In Yerevan reconnoitering, photographing and placing the ad on the website is free
  • Within 1-2 days the ad is placed in the website and appears in the checked section

How to add an advertisment in other sections on Arajark.am?
To use Arajark.am, you need to get acquainted with the terms of use, then become a registered user. 
Remember that the number of responses depends on the amount and completeness of the information. Try to fill in the information fields about the product/service as detailed as possible, give a precise, competent and attractive title, make sure that it contains the name of the product/service. 

Press "Add an Ad".

  • Choose the respective section and fill in the required field.
  • Enter your contact information. Your E-mail address will not appear on the Ads page, but visitors will be able to send you messages through the special system of Arajark.am. Remember, that ads with the wrong E-mail address will be automatically deleted by the system. 
  • After filling in the required information, you can move on to preview the Ad. 
  • To publish the Ad, press "Confirm". 


How to edit or delete an ad

If you are a registered user, all your active ads are available in your account under “My Ads” tab. 

Click “Edit” next to an ad to make changes to it. Preview the changes and then click “Save”. The changes will be made immediately.

Click “Delete” to delete an ad. Click “Delete” again in the confirmation dialogue and your ad will be completely removed from the website.

How to change the order of the photos and the display picture of the ad?

To choose a photo as your display picture, press "choose main photo" in the left corner below. 

To change the order of the photos, go to your account and press "Edit" on the right side of the ad title. 

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