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Urgent ads

Urgent Ads

Your ad will be marked Urgent! on ad pages, ad listing pages and in search results. Label "Urgent!" is displayed during the entire period your ad is active.

What are the benefits of urgent ads?

Urgent ads draw more attention and generate more responses from visitors since they indicate that the author is urgently looking to sell the item.

If you need to urgently sell / buy / rent anything and want to receive more responses - this service is a great way to draw more attention to your ad.

How are urgent ads displayed?

Urgent ads have a label of Urgent! in their respective categories, in search results and on the ad page.

The label is displayed during the entire period of the ad on List.am.

How do I make an ad Urgent?

To make the ad "Urget", register in the website, then click on the "Urgent" icon on the ad page, on "My Ads" page next to the ad or on the post confirmation page. Select your desired payment option and follow the instructions. Service fee: 890AMD.

When does the service become active and when does it expire?

Urgent ads become active within minutes of the payment confirmation. This service remains active for the entire lifetime of the ad.

After completing the payment my ad did not become urgent

This service will become active within several minutes of your payment being accepted.

Posting Rules

Using this service does not guarantee special treatment.

If your ad violates our Posting Rules, is posted in a wrong category or has inappropriate content, it will be removed. In this case, it can not be restored, the service will not be transferred to another ad, and you will not receive a refund for the service.


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